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Awesome mobile friendly features

With a full-featured, live preview mode, you can be sure everything on your mobile website looks perfect before you click the "Publish" button.

Content with
a pinch of style

Design your content using variety of content Widgets. All are optimized for best readability and accessibility.

Video? Sure

Improve your mobile website with videos. It is easy. Just copy the link of your YouTube or Vimeo movie and paste it into the appropriate Widget.


Take advantage of Click-to-Call and Click-to-Text buttons just to be sure your customers will be able to contact you with a single finger tap.

Smart images

With our Smart Widgets you don't have to worry about the format, size or weight of an image you upload. We do it for you. We make sure your images look perfect on all devices and load as fast as possible. Choose an image, an image carousel or an image gallery widget and bring your customers "native app" user experience while browsing photos.

Mobile maps
with directions

To make sure your customers know where your business is located and how to get to it. Use Google Map widget, to set up your map and enable step by step driving directions.

We have more

With these features your mobile site is gonna rock.

Social plugins

Increase your mobile site traffic and engagement with our pack of Social Plugins. Facebook Like button, Tweet button, Google+ button and a bunch of "follow us on ..." are all Widgets you can't miss. All are easy to set up.

Blog post sharing

If you run a blog then you should take care of your mobile readers. With our Blog Articles Widget, sharing your blog on a mobile site is easy. Provide the URL to the RSS channel of your blog and that's it.

Auto-redirect script

How will mobile customers get to your mobile site? Auto-redirect script will do the job. Add this small script to your existing desktop website and all mobile users will be automatically redirected to the mobile version.

Website analytics

Get to know your customers. Enable website tracking with Google Analytics and get fresh insights into how visitors use your site, how they arrived to your site, and how you can keep them coming back.

Do-it-Yourself   Mobile Website Builder

1Site Structure & WidgetsIn this area you can manage your site's structure or you can switch to Widgets Toolbox.

2Working AreaIt is the place where you can edit your pages.

3Live PreviewYou can watch here all the changes made in Site Structure or Working Area.

User friendly interface

1Widget LibraryChoose a Widget from the Widgets Library, you can narrow down widget types by selecting a category.

2Widget SettingsThen drag and drop it into the Content Tab of the Working Area, then configure it.

3Live PreviewFinally check the widget look in Live Preview.

Adding Widgets

1Design CustomizationGo to the "Design" tab, where you can find general design settings for your mobile page e.g. homepage and subpage background setup, font types, button styles.

2Background SettingsEnhance your page design with various color backgrounds powered with gradient styling and transparency.

3Font TypesSay farewell to dull typography - try a number of unique Google Fonts with different formatting and colors.

4Button StyleMake your call to action buttons stand out. You have flexibility to design unique buttons with border style, gradients, rounded corners.

5Live PreviewSee all design changes in a Live Preview.

Template customization

1Mobile Site PreviewNavigate your site and test the look and feel along with content.

2Viewing OptionsSee your mobile site in horizontal or vertical view at antytime.

3Preview Site on Your MobileSimply scan a QR code to see the site live on your smartphone.

Amazing Preview
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