Piotr Luniewski, 21st Apr 2015

Search engine Google shown on a smartphone.

Google announced new algorithm for mobile-friendly searches months ago, but as of today, April 21 2015, websites that are not mobile-friendly will lose their position in Google mobile searches. It's happening. How to avoid it?

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Kamila Wcisel, 19th Feb 2015

Mobile website and desktop website viewed on a smartphone.

What lacks some of its expected features doesn’t work for us. When do websites meet mobile customers’ expectations and work on smartphones?

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Kamila Wcisel, 4th Dec 2014

How to start acquiring new customers with minimum effort? With this eBook you will get your piece of the mobile market!

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Kamila Wcisel, 3rd Dec 2014

What is a mobile website? How is it different from a desktop and responsive website? Why do mobile customers avoid desktop websites like the plague? Download a free ebook!

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Kamila Wcisel, 28th Nov 2014

Who are prosumers and what are their expectations? Do people go shopping with their smartphones today? Learn the importance of a mobile website for your company.

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Piotr Luniewski, 22nd Nov 2014

mobile-friendly test by google

Google introduces a new standard for browsing on mobile devices. Learn how to keep your website on search engine result page. See what criteria are essential to make your website mobile-friendly.

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Kamila Wcisel, 20th Oct 2014

Research by Google shows what danger underestimating mobile users may bring. An astounding 96% of mobile consumers have visited a website that was not optimized for viewing on a smartphone or tablet. And the less a website is mobile friendly, the more they are willing to quit browsing, lose interest in the company, or even totally abandon the purchase intention.

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Kamila Wcisel, 9th Oct 2014

Most small and medium business owners do not know how easy it is today to boost their company’s reach for free.

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Kamila Wcisel, 7th Oct 2014

Prosumer, or a typical today's consumer, is an active customer comparable to a professional. The new consumer no longer relies solely on traditional advertising, but looks for information on their own initiative.

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Kamila Wcisel, 6th Oct 2014

Today every business owner can create a mobile website for their business on their own in minutes, without any programming skills, using tools available online. One of such tools is ActiveMobi mobile websites builder.

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